College in the High School

College in the High School serves Northwest Minnesota by providing high quality Northland credits to aspiring high school students, helping them prepare for and succeed in college.

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Earn College Credits in High School

Get a headstart by earning college credits in your high school classes with College in the High School (CHS) at Northland! By taking CHS classes, you can get a jump on your future education and earn college credits. You also gain confidence by experiencing college-level course work. And, taking CHS courses is free!

Benefits of College in the High School

CHS is great way to experience what it's like to take a college course and can set up students for success once they enroll in college.

  • Earn college credits at Northland.
    Saving time and college tuition costs.
  • Stand out in the Northland admission process.
    Demonstrating you're prepared for college-level coursework.
  • Get an early start on introductory college courses.
    Allowing you to graduate sooner or add a second major, a minor or elective courses to your Northland education.
  • Go beyond the traditional high school curriculum.
    Taking CHS courses will enhance the amount, level, and diversity of learning in high school - all while staying right at your high school.
  • Promote your self-confidence.
    Taking college-level courses while in high school has a tendency to promote your self-confidence, a trait that will serve you well as you move on from high school.
  • Save money on tuition.
    By taking CHS courses at Northland you will lower your total costs to attend college. You do not personally pay tuition for Northland CHS courses.

Explore your options to earn college credit at Northland, and visit with your high school counselor or a Northland admissions rep for more information.

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The Northland admissions team invites you to contact us with any questions you may have about College in the High School.



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