Welcome to orientation at NCTC! We are excited to welcome you into our campus community.


Please print and complete the following forms. Please bring with you on your scheduled orientation/assessment/registration day. They can be turned in to a student service staff member.

  • Personal Data Sheet (Required)
    Northland is asking you to provide information on the Personal Data Sheet, which includes private information under State and Federal law. The private information portion is marked Voluntary Information on the form. The college uses this information to report various statistics about our student body composition to campus, college, State and Federal entities that request the information. You are not legally required to provide the voluntary information the college is requesting.
  • Consent of Information Release (Optional)
    This form allows Northland to release non-directory information such as grades, financial aid, registration to a parent, spouse, etc. for up to one year. Non-directory information cannot be released or altered without permission on this form.
  • Withhold Directory Information (Optional)
    Directory information is public data unless the student requests any of the data to be treated as private.