Welcome to orientation at NCTC! We are excited to welcome you into our campus community.

Virtual Tour

The Northland Community & Technical College (NCTC) Online Orientation offers participants the chance to be introduced to the services at NCTC, answer questions, provide guidance, as well as offering students a reference point for access to information at any time. Students may visit the online orientation as often as needed. Because orientation may make a significant difference in a student's success and persistence in college, we strongly recommend all students review the orientation to remain current with college information. Family members are also welcome to review the information with you. We look forward to helping you take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead.

Orientation, assessment, and course registration at NCTC is the first of many steps to making a smooth transition toward a successful college career. The process provides students and their families the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the NCTC community.