Music Department

Chamber Choir

The Chamber Choir consists primarily of NCTC college students due to the class time which is during the regular school day, Monday Wednesday and Friday at noon . This group meets three hours a week and has been performing joint dates with the jazz band.

The choir hosts the annual HS Honor Choir Festival. A large choir formed solely of local high school students meet at Northland for a day of learning and rehearsing with a guest clinician. That evening, a Choral Works Concert is held with performances by the Northland Choir and the HS Honor Choir.

The Chamber Choir typically also performs at three or more Northland Music Department concerts during the school year, and travels to the Community College Fine Arts Festival which is usually held in April. In conjunction with the Fine Arts Festival the group usually also goes on a brief performance tour, as well as a trip to watch musical performances.

Community Band

Since its inception in 1972, the Northland Community Band has been co-sponsored by the City of Thief River Falls and Northland Community & Technical College . Membership in the band is by audition or invitation and has grown from a membership of 8 to approximately 40. Players represent a wide spectrum of educational and professional backgrounds including many area music instructors, students from Northland Community & Technical College , and area high schools. The presence of adults making music is a living inspiration for younger personnel in the band and has been a revelation in bridging the generation gap.

Rehearsals are held each Monday evening at NCTC lasting two full hours with a fifteen-minute conversation/ refreshment break. Audience support for the three concerts each year has been enthusiastic.

The two primary concerts for this group are the Autumn Musicale, in November, and the Concert in the Park, in May. The Autumn Musicale is typically performed in conjunction with the HS Honor Band and the Northland Chamber Choir. The Concert in the Park has typically been held at local outside venues and is hosted by Northland and the Thief River Falls Rotary Club. There is a small charge for the picnic and performance. The money raised goes to support local groups.

Through the years, national and international music personalities have played or conducted as guests of the Northland Community Band. They include: Robert Levy, Timothy Diem, Jerry Luckhardt, Frank Bencriscutto, John Zdechlik, Paul Brodie, Bob Baca, Miles Johnson, James Tenbensel, Rick Hanson, and Tim Lautzenheiser.

The band has appeared at the Minnesota Music Educators Convention and the Minnesota Community Band Festival. In the summer of 1990, an extensive European Tour included appearances at the American Music Festival in Graz, Austria. And in 1998 the band was selected by taped audition to represent the USA in its division at the Sydney Music Festival in Australia.

Jazz Band

The jazz band as been an important part of the NCTC music department for several years. The group consists of college students, music instructors, high school students, community members and other jazz-lovers. Concerts are typically held in conjunction with the Northland Chamber Choir. This group generally meets once a week for two hours when it is offered.

The Jazz Band typically also performs at three or more Northland Music Department concerts during the school year, and travels to the Community College Fine Arts Festival which is usually held in April, where the jazz band is a featured group during the evening showcase. In conjunction with the Fine Arts Festival the group usually also goes on a brief performance tour, as well as a trip to watch musical performances.

Past Years Trips & Preformances

The annual HS band and choral festival hosted by Northland was a resounding success. But there was no time to sit and think; instead it was get ready for the Winter Concert which boasted the Chamber Choir, Jazz Band and several small vocal and instrumental ensembles. The success of the first semester drove us on to even greater heights in the spring as the joint performances of the jazz band and chamber choir lifted the roof during our annual Winter Merriment concert as they performed a Blues Brothers themed concert. Still not done, there is the annual Fine Arts Festival for MN community colleges as well as this year's production of Honk!.

The jazz band often travels to large metropolitan areas in the spring to attend performances, and 2002-2003 was no different. Three major performances attended by the NCTC Jazz Band and Chamber Choir were Camelot at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater, Tony and Tina's Wedding at the Hey City Theater, and Triple Espresso at the Historic State Theater. And this fun weekend was after the Choir participated in the annual Minnesota Community College Fine Arts Festival.

The 2001-2002 school year brought a lot of jazz into Northland College . Beginning in September with the blues inspired musical Blues in the Night , members of the jazz ensemble acted as the pit orchestra. Then in the Spring the Jazz Ensemble performed at the MN Community College Fine Arts Festival at Breezy Point Resort and then traveled to Minneapolis with the Chamber Choir to watch performances of Triple Espresso , Nunsense Amen , and 2 Pianos, Four Hands.

During the 2000-2001 school year the band also participated in the Fine Arts Festival including an individual performance at the evening dance. The azz band then joined the choir also went on to Minneapolis where they watched professional performances of H.M.S. Pinafore , Rent , Murder Mystery Cafe and Smokey Joe's Cafe . All in all it was a packed, but fun 21 hours in Minneapolis.

During the 1999-2000 school year the choir participated in a trip to St. Cloud in which the choir participated in a Community College Fine Arts Festival. On the tour the choir performed at Lafayette HS in Red Lake Falls , MN and Norman County East HS in Twin Valley , MN . The choir and jazz band were part of this trip and were both highly involved with performing at the festival in St. Cloud also, including a showcase choir concert, banquet entertainment (choir) and a dance (jazz band). This trip was extended to Chicago after the final large group performance on Friday afternoon. The group arrived in Chicago at 3:00 am and was ready to explore by 9:30 the next morning. Special events included: seeing Fantasia 2000 in the Imax theatre on Navy Pier: attending a show of Forever Plaid ; and attending an a cappella choir concert performed by 18 Lips. We arrived home Sunday evening with plenty of time to get rested up for the return to school and work on Monday.