Music Offerings

Northland offers several music lecture courses that are geared for the non-music major. The four lecture courses currently offered provide a broad view of the musical past in the US and abroad and include Musical Experience, Rock History, Jazz History, and World Music.

Musical Experience is an introductory course, which gets students talking about music and learning some of the terms that musicians use. It gives a very broad view of the ways music is used by people from many time periods and around the globe. Rock History and Jazz History both consider their musical styles in the context of what was occurring in our country at various times and how the music represents society and societal changes or upheavals. World Music exposes students to the unique music and exciting cultures of Peru, Caribbean, Indonesia, China, Japan, India, some Eastern European groups, and a few of the many cultural groups found in Africa.

In addition to the lecture-based courses, the Northland Music Department also offers other courses depending on student needs or interests in Digital Music Media, Music Fundamentals (the basics of reading and understanding written music), and Classroom Music Skills.