Music Offerings

Annual High School Band & Choir Honor Ensembles

Northland hosts two separate annual events that bring some of the top singers from the region to our Thief River Falls campus. Both events happen in the fall, generally in November, and bring 70 to 120 students for each ensemble.

The High School Honor Choir has seen as many as 120 students from 13 area high schools gathered in the Northland Theatre for a day of rehearsal before the evening concert where the ensemble fills the Northland stage. Some years there is a smaller ensemble of closer to 70 that is accepted, as the Northern Jazz accompanies it, and as such, the music is popular or jazz based.

The High School Honor Band has seen consistent numbers in the 90s for several years and usually sees students from over a dozen area high schools. After the directors nominate the students, the host coordinator creates a complete ensemble and pushes the limits of the Northland stage by accepting as many as 95 students.

The concerts at each of these events happen the same evening as the rehearsals at which the Honor High School Ensemble shares the concert billing with at least one other Northland Ensemble where students have the valuable opportunity of experiencing life-long learning in action.