Welding Technology

CMAE 1560 - Interpret Welding Symbols

Credits: 2

Course Description:

Welding symbols are used to facilitate communication among the designer, fabricator, and inspection personnel. To accurately layout and fabricate parts, the welder will need basic knowledge of working drawings and their significance to the welding industry. Students will break down welding prints to develop the skills necessary to fabricate individual component parts of welded structures. Written and fundamental tests will be administered in accordance with the American Welding Society (AWS) standards and the appropriate correlating code books (AWS A2.4).
Course Outcomes:
1. Interpret basic elements of a drawing or sketch.
2. Interpret welding symbol information and placement guidelines.
3. Describe Nondestructive Examination (NDE) methods and symbol use.
4. Calculate weight and cost of welding consumables and materials.
5. (ILO: 1) Prepare an applicable bill of materials (BOM).





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