Welding Technology

CMAE 1570 - Metallurgy

Credits: 1

Course Description:

This course covers the study of metals and the effects of welding and heat treatments on them. Metallurgical terminology will be an important part of the course. Physical and mechanical properties of ferrous and nonferrous metals will be covered along with the classifications of different types of metals. The range of materials and their usefulness in particular applications will be discussed. Written tests will be completed in accordance with the American Welding Socie AWS codes and standards.
Course Outcomes:
1. Summarize, using metallurgical terminology, the types of tests performed on metals to determine their metal properties.
2. Apply knowledge of material properties and the effect of heat treatment in specific welding applications.
3. (ILO: 2) Identify variables to determine the proper metal for specific applications using industy classifications.





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