Marketing & Management

  • Credits: 60
  • Degree Type: A.A.S.
  • Campus: East Grand Forks, Online

Program Overview

This program prepares students to succeed in the marketplace of the 21st century. This program provides students with the essential skills necessary for a variety of careers in the sales, marketing, and management fields. Curriculum includes instruction in the following areas: sales, marketing, research, customer service, telemarketing, and small business planning. Emphasis is placed on developing skills in management decision-making, interpersonal and communication skills, problem solving, and technology skills. Particular emphasis is placed the use of computer technology.

The Customer Service Certificate (16 cr) also offers marketing courses.

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Employment Information

There are many employment opportunities for students seeking a career in the sales, marketing, and management field. Approximately, one out of every five people work in this fast-paced and dynamic field. Students may find diverse employment opportunities in retail, wholesale, production, or service related enterprises. Graduates in this program have careers that include sales representatives, managers, business owners, food brokers, buyers, merchandisers, and customer service representatives.

According to CAREERwise, the median hourly pay as a Marketing Manager in the state of Minnesota is $59.34 per hour. The employment outlook through 2024 is expected to grow approximately 7.0%, a high-growth career.

Career Outlook

Learn what occupations may be of interest to someone who has completed this program. Find information about wages and employement outlook.

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Program Course Listings

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Required Courses

Course # Course Name Credit(s)
ACCT 1108 Busn Math/Calculators 3
BUSN 2210 Prin of Management 3
BUSN 2218 Legal Environment Busn 3
CPTR 1104 Intro to Computer Tech 3
MKTG 1108 Customer Relations Mgmt 3
MKTG 2116 Advertising 3
MKTG 2120 Supervisory Leadership 3
MKTG 2200 Prin of Marketing 3
MKTG 2300 Marketing Research 3
MKTG 2304 Applied Sales Techniques 3
MKTG 2306 Small Business Mgmt 3
MKTG 2320 Marketing Management 3
MKTG 2410 Social Media Marketing 3
ENGL 1111 Composition I 3
SOCI 1101 Intro to Sociology 3
SPCH 1101 Intro to Public Speaking 3
  G5: History/Social Elec ( *See Elective Options Listed Below ) 3
  MN Transfer Curriculum Electives 3
  Program Electives ( *See Elective Course Options Listed Below ) 6

Program Elective Course Options

For this particular pathway, NCTC recommends a student explore further coursework in the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum areas listed below. Need help? Schedule an appointment with a Northland Academic Advisor for assistance in selecting courses.

Course # Course Name Credits
ACCT 1104 Payroll 3
ACCT 1124 Spreadsheet Concepts 3
ADMS 1116 Business Communications 3
BUSN 2221 Prin of Accounting I 4
CPTR 1128 Help Desk Concepts 3
CPTR 1136 Networking I 4
MKTG 2430 Digital Marketing I 3
MKTG 2450 Digital Marketing II 3
MKTG 2900 Internship I 3
MKTG 2920 Internship II 3
SSCI 1101 Human Relations 3
G5: History/Social Science Electives
ECON 2201 Microeconomics 3
ECON 2202 Macroeconomics 3

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