Practical Nursing

PNSG 1279 - Invasive Nrsing Therapies

Credits: 3

Course Description:

This course focuses on the skills and knowledge needed by the practical nurse in areas of advanced invasive therapies. Course information is presented through the use of assigned readings, lectures and demonstrations. Concepts included are: fluid and electrolytes, nutrition, infection/inflammation/immunity and gas exchange. Evaluation of students' objective mastery and skills competency will be achieved through students' successful completion of assignments, tests, and return demonstration. Skills included are: IV skills (insertion, maintenance, removal, medications), NG, feeding tubes, enteral tubes, chest tube drainage, and care for client with trach.


Prerequisites: PNSG1250, PNSG1254, PNSG1258, PNSG1262, PNSG1266. Corequisites: PNSG 1270, PNSG1274, PNSG1283, PNSG1286.



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