Adv Agriculture Diesel Equipment Tech

  • Credits: 28
  • Degree Type: Certificate
  • Campus: Thief River Falls

Program Learner Outcomes

1. Students will describe common components and functionality of farm equipment including engine mechanics, hydraulic, electrical and drive systems.
2. Students will demonstrate proper use and function of test equipment for the operation and maintenance of tractors and agricultural equipment.
3. Students will demonstrate basic understanding of alternating current and direct current circuit terminology and the relationship in basic circuit operations.
4. Students will demonstrate job readiness in a diverse work place and develop necessary communication skills required for employment after graduation.
5. Student will locate current information from various sources to solve technical problems by the utilization of critical thinking skills.
7. Students will perform assembly, repair, operaton, and adjustment of machinery, technological applications and power units utilizing proper tooling.
8. Students will apply reference materials and procedures to conduct diagnostic troubleshooting and repair of tractors and agricultural equipment.