Welding Process Technology

  • Credits: 34
  • Degree Type: Diploma
  • Location: Thief River Falls

Program Overview

The Welding Process Technology diploma was designed in cooperation with regional manufacturing companies. The program prepares the student for a career in a welding or welding related field. The program integrates theory, safety, and applications of technical welding training.

The Welding Process Technology program in Thief River Falls offers scheduling flexibility where students work at their own pace allowing motivated individuals or those with prior knowledge to complete courses at a faster pace. The WELD courses in Thief River Falls meet within an open or flex lab setting. The TRF welding lab will have extended hours that allows for the student to practice and develop hands-on skills. Faculty in the TRF Welding program are available during these flex lab hours to assist learners with questions and to administer skills assessments. Students enrolled in the Thief River Falls WELD courses will be responsible for managing their own learning.

Through coursework, the student will develop fundamental knowledge of metals, welding processes, safety, and related equipment applications. The student will become proficient in the following welding and cutting processes: Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), Oxy-Acetylene Cutting (OAC), Plasma Arc Cutting (PAC), and Carbon Arc Cutting (CAC).

This diploma consists of 3 stackable certificates that each specialize on a specific process - SMAW, GMAW, and GTAW. By completing the full diploma, the students will be able to apply for graduation in all four credentials.

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With Northland Competency-Based Education, you study on your own (always with access to your instructors as needed), use Northland’s Flex Labs to practice and develop your hands-on skills, and you advance (pass the class) as soon as you’ve mastered the material and can demonstrate your new skills. You move on to the next course at your pace.

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Employment Information

The employment outlook for graduates of the Welding Process Technology diploma is excellent. Graduates can expect to find employment in a manufacturing production facility as a welder or robotics operator. Welding skills lend themselves to entrepreneurship and some welders go into business for themselves.

Career Outlook

Learn what occupations may be of interest to someone who has completed this program. Find information about wages and employement outlook.

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Program Course Listings

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Required Courses

Course # Course Name Credit(s)
CRLT 2103 Job Seeking/Keeping 1
WELD 1100 Weld Orientation 1
WELD 1110 Blueprint Reading/Symbols 2
WELD 1200 SMAW Fundamentals 0.25
WELD 1201 SMAW Arc Start/Beads 0.5
WELD 1202 SMAW Basic Fillets 0.5
WELD 1203 SMAW Weld Quality 0.25
WELD 1204 SMAW 1G-2G Welds 0.5
WELD 1205 SMAW Vertical Fillets 0.5
WELD 1206 SMAW Overhead Fillets 0.5
WELD 1207 SMAW Vertical Grooves 0.5
WELD 1208 SMAW Overhead Grooves 0.5
WELD 1209 SMAW - E7024 0.25
WELD 1210 SMAW Open-Root Grooves 1.5
WELD 1211 SMAW 2G Pipe 0.75
WELD 1212 SMAW 5G Pipe 1
WELD 1213 SMAW 6G Pipe 0.75
WELD 1300 GMAW Fundamentals 0.25
WELD 1301 GMAW S Beads 0.5
WELD 1302 GMAW Troubleshooting 0.25
WELD 1303 GMAW S Fillet Welds 0.75
WELD 1304 GMAW S Groove Welds 1.5
WELD 1305 GMAW S Sheet Metal 0.5
WELD 1306 GMAW Spray Fund 0.25
WELD 1307 GMAW P Carbon Steel 0.75
WELD 1308 GMAW P Aluminum 0.75
WELD 1309 GMAW Stainless Steel 0.5
WELD 1400 GTAW Fundamentals 0.25
WELD 1401 GTAW Arc Start/Control 0.5
WELD 1402 GTAW Carbon Steel 1
WELD 1403 GTAW Stainless Sheet 0.75
WELD 1404 GTAW SS Pipe/Tube 0.5
WELD 1405 GTAW Aluminum 0.5
WELD 1406 GTAW Alum Pipe/Tube 0.5
WELD 1430 GTAW Carbon Steel Pipe 1
WELD 1500 FCAW Fundamentals 0.25
WELD 1501 FCAW Fillets 0.5
WELD 1502 FCAW V-grooves 1 0.5
WELD 1503 FCAW V-grooves 2 0.5
WELD 1504 FCAW Metal Core 0.25
WELD 1600 Fabrication Fundamentals 1
WELD 1601 Fabrication Techniques 0.5
WELD 1602 Small Fabrications 0.75
WELD 1603 Medium Fabrications 0.75
WELD 1700 Oxy-Fuel Fundamentals 0.25
WELD 1701 OFC Carbon Steel 0.5
WELD 1702 PAC Fundamentals 0.25
WELD 1703 Plasma Arc Cutting 0.25
WELD 1704 CAC-A Fundamentals 0.25
WELD 1705 Air Carbon Arc Cutting 0.25
WELD 1706 CNC PAC Fundamentals 0.5
WELD 1708 CNC PAC Cutting 0.5
WELD 1800 Weld Quality Fundamentals 0.25
WELD 1801 SMAW Limited Thickness 0.25
WELD 1802 SMAW Unlimited Thickness 0.5
WELD 1803 GMAW S Press Vessel 0.25
WELD 1804 GMAW S Sheet Steel 0.25
WELD 1805 FCAW Limited Thickness 0.25
WELD 1806 GTAW Carbon Steel Sheet 0.25

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