Welding Process Technology

  • Credits: 17
  • Degree Type: Certificate
  • Campus: Thief River Falls

Program Learner Outcomes

1. Demonstrate proper safety practices and procedures at all times.
2. Perform conversions of standard inch and metric measurements.
3. Define common acronyms used in the welding industry.
4. Troubleshoot and solve common problems involved with everyday use of a welding machine.
5. Utilize manual, automatic, and semi-automatic equipment for cutting and welding.
6. Identify electrodes and filler metals based on the American Welding Society’s system of classification.
7. Demonstrate the ability to properly repair a structural weld using the appropriate cutting, grinding, and welding procedures.
8. Student will demonstrate effective oral and written communications with all clients and customers with respect for diversity of culture, age and gender.
9. Student will demonstrate professional workplace habits including punctuality, attitudes, behaviors, and craftsmanship expected of the welding industry.