Welding Technology

  • Credits: 36
  • Degree Type: Diploma
  • Campus: East Grand Forks

Supplies & Tools

Leather Sleeve Jacket or Cape Sleeves & Bib
Long Cuffed Deerskin Gloves
Boots (prefer steel toed)
Safety Glasses with side frames
Plastic Cover Lens (24)
Filter Lens (2)
Hammer (chipping)
Tip Cleaner
Tape Measure
Pliers or Vise Grips
Rod Pouch
Leather Arc Welding Gloves (5 pr @ $13)
4-1/2”, or 5” Grinder
Flint Striker
Stainless Steel Wire Brush
Carbon Steel Wire Brush
Cutting Goggles
Large Half Round File
Diagonal Cutters
C Clamp Vice Grips
2 or 3 lb. Hammer
12” Combination Square
Center Punch
Combination Screwdriver
10” Adjustable Wrench
Tool Box & Lock
Welder's Writing Kit

For GTAW Gas Tungsten arc Welding
1/16” Collet and Collet Body
3/32” Collet and Collet Body
1/8” Collet and Collet Body
3-1/16” Pure and 2 percent tungsten
3-3/32” Pure and 2 percent tungsten
3-1/8” Pure and 2 percent tungsten
#4, #6, and #8 Ceramic Cone

For Pipe Welding
Die Grinder and Air Fitting

For Blueprint and Symbols and Basic Fabrication Class
Calculator for Math Problems