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RSS Feeds

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What is RSS?

RSS is a way to keep tabs on news sites, blogs or anyone else publishing in the abbreviated notification-oriented format, eliminating the need to revisit websites throughout the day and manually scan for new content. When an RSS-enabled website updates, it generates an RSS-specific view that an RSS reader can scrape, proactively notifying you with a stack of headlines and (usually) short summaries and links to the content. You configure the client to scrutinize and pull story info from each site (or a subcategorized feed within a site), then sit back and watch the content roll in. (Source: Time Tech)

How do you subscribe to a site’s RSS feed?

Everyone handles this differently, but in most cases, you’re looking for a button (usually orange) on each site that reads “RSS” or an icon (also usually orange) that look like a wireless symbol tipped on its side. Click any of these and you’ll conjure a list of popular Web-based readers to import the feed to. If you’re using an unlisted reader, you’re looking for the “view XML” option, which takes you to the actual RSS URL; drop that into your RSS reader’s “add feed” or “subscribe” dialog box and you’re in business.

VIDEO: RSS in Plain English