Selecting a Test Proctor

Student Responsibilities
  • Students are responsible to contact a potential proctor.
  • Once a proctor has been found and approved by the instructor, it is the student’s responsibility to initiate the communication between instructor and proctor. See selecting an Approved Proctor site.
Proctor Responsibilities
  • Proctors have a responsibility to ensure integrity during the testing process and should have no vested interest in student success on the exam.
Additional Information
  • The College (i.e., course instructor) reserves the right to verify proctor qualifications, require additional evidence of eligibility, or require a different proctor be selected.
  • Once proctoring services are established among student and instructor, tests may only be administered at the designated location(s) by the approved person(s).
  • Falsifying proctor information or not following proctor testing procedures is considered a violation of the NCTC Student Code of Conduct, and the student may be subject to college sanction (i.e., suspension) or course failure.