Assessment Testing

Accuplacer Assessment

Northland requires students to complete the Accuplacer assessment before enrolling in classes. The Accuplacer will assess your ability in math and English, which helps Northland to place you in the math and/or English course best suited to your current ability. All students must complete the Accuplacer unless exempt per the following:

  • Reading Comprehension: 18 on ACT English, 21 on ACT Reading, successful completion of college-level English course, or satisfactory assessment score from another college
  • Math portion(s): 22 on ACT Math, successful completion of college-level algebra course, or satisfactory assessment score from another college

Please note that all math scores (ACT, Accuplacer, etc.) are valid for 2 years. All English scores are valid for 3 years. If your scores are expired, you will need to retest.

When can I take the Accuplacer?

New or returning students without current test scores

New or returning students without current test scores should sign up for an Assessment Orientation Registration (AOR) day using the Assessment Scheduler. AOR days are specially planned so that advisors and other staff are available immediately after your assessment. When possible, we recommend attending the AOR at the campus where you plan to take classes. However, you may attend either location.

Students who need testing accommodations (i.e. 504 plan, IEP, Vocational Rehabilitation) should contact the Academic Success Center prior to their test date to make arrangements.

Click on your desired test location below to sign up online. The online system uses your 8 digit Northland Tech ID (not your StarID). If you prefer, you may call us 218-793-2800 to sign up for an AOR date.

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Students who are retesting

Students who are retesting may sign up for an AOR day at their preferred campus. Please call us at 218-793-2800 to sign up for an AOR date. If you are unavailable to attend the scheduled AOR dates, please contact the Academic Success Center for further assistance.

What can I expect on test day?

After checking in at our front desk area, you will be directed to the testing area, where the testing proctor will check your Photo ID (required). After you complete the Accuplacer in our computer lab, academic advisors and admissions staff will be available to help you finish any remaining paperwork and/or register for classes. If you register for classes, we can issue your student ID card the same day.

The Accuplacer has no time limit, allowing you to earn the best score possible. Please allow several hours minimum to complete your assessment(s) and the registration process.

How can I study for Accuplacer?

Accuplacer is an adaptive, internet-based assessment. As you answer each individual question, the computer will provide another question best suited to your ability. Therefore, it is important to take as much time as needed to be confident in your answer. Calculators are only allowed on select questions.

Northland uses the following modules: Reading Comprehension, Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra and Intermediate Algebra. More information on types of problems within each of these modules is available at the Accuplacer website. If you are unsure how much math your program requires, please contact admissions staff or your academic advisor for more information.

We recommend the following FREE options to practice for the Accuplacer:

  • Official Accuplacer Study Questions: a paper-based review for each of the sections (.pdf)
  • Official Accuplacer Study App: practice retired test questions from your phone or computer.
  • Ed Ready Math: complete a diagnostic test and study problems specific to your knowledge gaps (access code required from Northland).
  • scroll down the page to Self-Assessment Modules to review individual math concepts and review reading comprehension under Free Accuplacer Practice Tests.
  • Adult Basic Education (ABE): offers face-to-face assistance for individuals age 17 or older who are not currently enrolled in high school. ABE is conveniently located on the EGF and TRF campuses near the Academic Success Center.

What if I am not happy with my score(s)?

Northland allows students two retests, so it is highly recommended to practice in depth before retesting. You may retest one or more modules during your session. The retest cost is $10, payable at the campus bookstore. A waiver to test for free may be obtained from ASC/ABE staff after providing evidence of studying. Reasonable accommodations are available for students with documented disabilities. To schedule a retest session, please see the section "When can I schedule the Accuplacer?" for more information.