Vendor Registration

Contractor/Vendor self-registration with the state of MN, Minnesota State Colleges & Universities and Northland Community and Technical College.

Northland Community and Technical College is adopting the practice of asking any new contractor/vendor with the State of MN to complete an online self-registration process to enable the college, as well as any other State Agency, to do business with the contractor/vendor.

This process offers data security and compliance to Minn. Stat. §270C.65 Subd. 3, found here.

complete your self-registration

Please use the following information to complete your self-registration. After you have registered notify your contact at Northland Community and Technical College that the process is complete..

It can take 24-48 hours for the State to approve a registration once the steps are completed. When a vendor registration is approved confirmation is sent to the email address entered during the registration process.

NOTE: Completion of this task is critical!

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Notice to vendors and Contrators

As a condition of this contract, VENDOR/CONTRACTOR is required by Minn. Stat. §270C.65 to provide a social security number, a federal tax identification number or Minnesota tax identification number. This information may be used in the enforcement of federal and state tax laws. These numbers will be available to federal and state tax authorities and state personnel involved in approving the contract and the payment of state obligations. Supplying these numbers could result in action to require CONTRACTOR to file state tax returns and pay delinquent state tax liabilities. This contract will not be approved unless these numbers are provided. If you are an independent contractor, Minn. Stat. §256.998 requires the state to report your name, address and social security number to the New Hire Reporting Center of the Minnesota Department of Human Services unless your contract is for less than two months in duration with gross earnings of less than $250.00 per month. This information may be used by state or local child support enforcement authorities in the enforcement of state and federal child support laws

Need Assistance?

If you are unable to complete this process on your own, please contact the Northland Community and Technical College Business Office at 218-683-8636