Human Resources

Report an Injury

Reporting an Injury or Illness

  • Immediately report the injury/illness to your supervisor.
  • Within 24 hours of an injury/illness:
    • The Supervisor/Manager must complete the IDF- Injury, Illness, Incident Data Form (a.k.a First Report of Injury Form) and Agency Claims Investigation Form.
    • First Report of Injury - Injury, Illness, Incident Data Form (IDF) (MUST be filled out for all injuries. Employee and Supervisor may fill out together)
    • The Employee must complete the Employee Statement Regarding Injury/Illness.
    • All completed forms are to be sent to Human Resources via scanning and emailing or hand delivered to the respective HR office or faxed to 218-683-8982.

Non-Life Threatening Illness or Injury

  • Immediately call/contact your supervisor.
  • Your supervisor and you can determine whether or not you may need to seek medical attention.

Don't need medical attention at this time...

  • Immediately report your injury to the workers' compensation coordinator in Human Resources or by calling (218) 683-8634 as well as your supervisor.
  • You and your supervisor should touch base within a couple of days from the date of your injury or illness. Please follow up on a daily basis until you are okay.
  • If your injury/illness has not improved within three (3) days, please notify the workers' compensation coordinator in Human Resources at (218) 683-8634 and a medical facility in your area.

Contact Information

  • Michelle Benitt
  • Assistant Director of Human Resources
  • Thief River Falls - Office #461C
  • (218) 683-8634