Northland Welding Process Technology CBE Program

Welding Process Technology

Northland's Welding Process Technology Competency-Based Education program offers scheduling flexibility where students work at their own pace allowing motivated individuals or those with prior knowledge to complete courses at a faster pace.

Learning Built Around You

Are you a tinkerer? Builder? Creator? Do you love working with your hands (and can’t imagine sitting behind a desk in a cubicle all day)?

Turn your passion into a well-paid welding career — or take the next step up at work and earn more money with new skills and credentials. And if all you want is to learn some welding basics to use at home in your own shop, we’ve got that covered, too, with self-paced courses and open lab hours that fit into any schedule.

The Northland Thief River Falls campus offers four different tracks — Welding Process Technology diploma, Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) — designed to teach you various welding skills for specific applications… and our Competency-Based Education (CBE) format gives you nearly unlimited flexibility to complete courses when it works best for your busy schedule.

How CBE Works

Study at home. Test on campus. All at your own pace.

Northland Welding Process Technology Competency-Based Education

Northland's Welding Process Technology CBE program is a new way of teaching that is more in line with the realities of the workplace, where what matters most is getting the job done right. In the CBE model, you study on your own (always with access to the classroom/welding lab and your instructors as needed), use Northland’s Flex Labs to practice and develop your skills, and you advance (pass the class) as soon as you’ve mastered the material and can demonstrate your new skills. You no longer have to wait for the semester to end to move on to the next course.

For the at-home tinkerer, CBE gives you a chance to learn the specific skills you need for your personal projects at home or in the shop. For the working professional, CBE offers flexible instruction to earn new skills in order to advance your career. For the recent high-school grad, CBE gives you a self-paced environment to launch your career as quickly as possible.

Benefits of Competency-Based Education:
  • Courses utilize online materials and meet within an open or flex lab setting
  • Complete flexibility to study remotely at your own pace and move through courses and material as quickly as you want
  • Flex Labs have set daytime & evening hours to practice and develop hands-on skills.
  • A flexible classroom structure. No set classroom time - you pick the hours that work for you.
  • Class registration accepted any time during the semester.
  • You can take one class to master a specific new skill, or complete an entire program to earn your certificate or diploma.
  • Access to instructors when you need additional help or hands-on instruction.
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Prove you learned it in Flex Labs

Northland Welding Process Technology Competency-Based Education

Online learning is not enough. The Welding Flex Lab is where one-on-one training happens. Welding Process Technology is a hands-on, skills-based subject and requires you to spend time in the Flex Lab in Thief River Falls, working with our industrial equipment.

The Welding Flex Lab is open a variety of hours for students to practice and develop hands-on skills. The Flex Lab is the perfect place to learn the equipment, practice your skills, and collaborate with other students. In addition, Northland instructors, pros in the field, are on-hand during Flex Lab hours to give you feedback, test your skills, mentor your progress, and to administer skills assessments.

Complete your classes in a matter of days, or throughout the semester--the pace is up to you.

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Build a better workforce.

Northland’s Welding Process Technology CBE courses are the perfect solutions for employers looking to train and upskill their workforce.

  • Skill Specific Training
  • Set Your Own Pace
  • Competency-Based
  • On-Demand Availability
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