Northland Mechatronics


Northland's Mechatronics program is a cutting edge program that combines several types of engineering that are essential in today’s autonomous and advanced manufacturing industry.

What is Mechatronics?

Mechatronics combines mechanical systems, computer, electrical, and control systems. These are the heartbeat of advanced manufacturing, and jobs are waiting for technology savvy people. Northland's program is flexible--expand your skill-set by taking one course, work on a certificate, or go for an Associates Degree in Mechatronics.

Learn on your time. At your pace.

Northland Mechatronics

Life is hectic. Taking classes on campus while balancing work, family, and other obligations can be intimidating or sometimes impossible. Northland’s Mechatronics courses offer a flexible schedule with a blend of online materials and hands-on flex labs. Work on class materials online anywhere, and utilize the Flex Labs during a variety of daytime and evening hours. There is no set class time. You pick the hours that work best for your schedule. If you missed the start of the semester, no worries. Students can register for classes at any point during the semester.

Program benefits

  • Work on class materials online anywhere
  • Flex Labs have daytime & evening hours
  • There is no set class time - you pick the hours that work for you
  • Learn at your pace
  • Class registration accepted any time during the semester
  • You choose the courses - take one class, work towards a certificate, or your Associates Degree
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Prove you learned it.

Northland Mechatronics

Online learning is not enough. The Mechatronics Flex Lab is where one-on-one training happens. Mechatronics is a hands-on, skills-based subject and requires students to spend some time in the Flex Lab in East Grand Forks, working with our industrial equipment.

Northland’s Mechatronics program is competency-based. This means classes are completed when students prove they have mastered the key competencies. This can happen any time before the end of the semester. Students work with the instructor to complete final skills tests in the Flex Lab.

Complete your classes in a matter of days, or throughout the semester--the pace is up to you.

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A Workforce Solution

Northland’s Mechatronics courses are the perfect solutions for employers looking to train their workforce.

  • Skill Specific Training
  • Set Your Own Pace
  • Competency-Based
  • On-Demand Availability
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