Tuition & Fees

The cost to attend Northland is based upon the tuition rates in effect at the time a student takes a desired course, plus any associated fees.

Student Fees, Personal Property/Service Charges & Athletics

Type Cost
Application Fee
Effective June 24, 2019, Northland no longer charges an application fee.
Student Life Fee
Set by the Campus Student Life Committee to fund student activities, clubs, organizations and athletics.
$6.60 / credit
Max of $112.50 / semester
State Student Association Fee
This fee is determined by the statewide Minnesota State Colleges Student Association (MSCSA) and is used to fund activities of the Association.
$0.35 / credit
Technology Fee
For the acquisition, upgrading and/or maintenance of technology for academic and student support activities that provide or enhance student access to technology.
$10.60 / credit
Parking Fee
The revenue from this fee is used for parking lot construction, maintenance and improvements. The current charge is $3.00 per credit with a maximum charge of $45.00 per semester (up to a max. of $30.00 for summer session.)
$3.00 / credit
Senior Citizen Fee
Fee charged to Minnesota residents 62 years of age or older or a person receiving a railroad retirement annuity who has reached 60 years of age in lieu of tuition.
$20.00 / credit
Payment Plan Fee
Students who have not paid in full shall be assessed an approved fee on the 25th business day of the term in order to not be administratively withdrawn from the college.
$30.00 / semester
Late Fee
A late fee will be charged to all accounts of $30 or more that are outstanding. Late fees will be applied for fall semester and April 1 for spring semester, or the first business day following the identified semester date, unless evidence has been provided that funding is being provided by another agency.
FACTS Payment Plan Enrollment Fee (Third Party) $25.00 / semester

Need to Know

Distance Students - Student Life Fee

Distance Education students will pay a Student Life fee of $6.60/credit and WILL NOT be charged the Parking Fee.

Personal property and service charges shall be for items that become the personal property of a student and have an educational or personal value beyond the classroom or for services for or on behalf of the students.

Type Cost
Cost of private music lessons (in addition to tuition and fees).  This charge covers the cost of a half-hour lesson over 16 weeks.
$200.00 / credit
Official Transcript Charge $8.25 / transcript
Test-Out (Credit by Exam)
Charged to students who wish to test-out of a class.
$25.00 / lecture credit
$50.00 / lab credit
Replacement ID Card or Badge
Cost for replacement of student identification card or badge.
$20.00 / card or badge
Replacement Diploma $20.00 / diploma
Books & Supplies
The estimated cost of books and supplies is $1,000 for the year.  The cost may vary depending upon the student’s area of study.
$1,000.00 estimate
Room & Board
When building the Financial Aid budget, college officials estimated cost of room and board to be $500 per month.
$500.00 / month estimate
Criminal Justice Clothing - CRJU 2209 $140.00
Fire Technology Clothing - FIRE 1110 $65.00
Paramedic Clothing - EMTP 1240 $93.00
FISDAP Fee - EMTP1235 $215.00
ATI Fees - PNSG 1250 and NURS 2121 $1,007.50
PAET Exam Fee - PTAS 2160 $79.00
AOTA Membership Fee - OTAC 1145 and OTAC 2145 $75.00
Dosimeters - RADT 1119 $46.75
Trajecsys Fee - RADT 1119 and RESP 1126 $150.00
Boot Camp Access - RADT 2240 $120.00
Simtec Software - RESP 1104 $112.00
Trovent Software - RESP 1110 $120.00
MockBoard Exam - RESP 2276 $120.00
C&S Software for Boards - RESP 2276 $100.00
Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Membership - DIET 1005 and DIET 2040 $58.00

Need to Know

This list is not intended to be an all-inclusive list. Per MnSCU Board Procedure 5.11.1, other charges may apply for equipment, special testing, other instructional and non-instructional services, assessment to discourage behaviors, and actual course-related travel costs.

Type Cost
Trap Shooting Tuition $300.00