2020 DRONETECH Educators Workshop: Drones and Geospatial Applications

When: June 17-18, 2020
Where: Online Virtual Workshop

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2020 DRONETECH Online Educator Workshop: STEM Drones Take Flight

When: August 3-5, 2020
Where: Northland Aerospace Site (Thief River Falls, MN)

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Testimonials from Past Surveys

"With the information gained from this workshop it is my intention to include exploratory units in the following classes that I teach in Caledonia: 8th Grade Ag Tech, Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife, Ag Mechanics and Production Agriculture. Each of these courses would be able to explore how UAS technology will impact the topic areas."

- Caledonia Area Public Schools

"How to implement drones into the classroom is something I am wanting to figure out. I think coming to this workshop and having the prior knowledge of drones and this curriculum the school I end up at will be willing to let me teach with them. I think using every part of a drone to teach students can be used in any STEM class. I will have so many options and different class material to work with."

- University of Minnesota

"In working with and training adults, I have found that they most often want to know how and why technology they use works, not just how to use it. The process of building and programming a drone will allow me to better explain to students the parts, functions, and programming behind the technology they are using. The program will also help lay ground work for teaching others how to utilize the UAS technology that we have today. My interests are in the application of UAS technology in helping farmers utilize the UAS applications to improve the environment, increase farm profitability and enhance farm business management education. How the technology can be used for production agriculture is the core of my interest in using the UAS applications."

- Ridgewater College

"I hope to create curriculum that will influence students towards the expanding opportunities in drone fields through their hands-on experience of building and flying a drone. Teaching STEM courses present unique challenges regarding curriculum implementation. Standard core classes have readily available curriculum for teachers to access and implement, but many STEM classes are designed through trial and error. Inspiring students is easier when the curriculum is organized and professional."

- St Michael Albertville High School

"I work closely with the local government agencies, DNR and USDA to build outdoor programs. We have scurried over 120 acres for our school forests programs at three locations for three different schools. We are at the develop stage that will include trails for skiing, mountain biking, archery programs and research. My students will benefit from the DroneTech by being challenged to put this new industry to work. To develop new ways to do old jobs. Our students will be asked how can a drone change your life and those around you in a positive way."

- Cherry High School

"I sometimes find it difficult to have the proper resources and support on inspire our students. I teach robotic with our vex equipment and that works well but I have to develop all my own curriculum without a complete training with the equipment. I think exposure to new technologies is important. Sometimes it is difficult to get students exposed to them and how to use them properly. I could use the drone technology to incorporate it into my computer science and robotics class. I will be able to encourage and inspire students to do a lot of things with a drone."

- Clearbrook-Gonvick High School


"I will be teaching a class this fall semester on Agricultural Technology. I would implement a section of this class which will be dedicated to Drone Technology and use the successes and failures I have in this class to improve and adjust my curriculum in the future offering of this class."

- Pipestone Area Schools

"Upon completion of the workshop, subject matter experts at Del Mar in collaboration with our business and industry partners, will work with instructional designers from area post-secondary institutions to validate competencies identified by their team to deliver a highly educated program for a trained workforce. We recognize the need for affordable and cost-effective education in the field of these technical areas and are excited about implementing additional UAS related studies into our existing GIS and Aviation / A&P programs."

- Del Mar College

"I will implement these resources into my aerospace and robotics curricula as well as aim to sustain a strong relationship with Northland Community & Technical College. My students and I are lacking knowledge and hands-on resources regarding careers, government use of UAS, commercial drones, and federal guidelines or regulations. The DroneTECH workshop will support this lack of knowledge as well as provide an example of the technology."

- St Cloud Area High Schools

"Incorporate this new technology into my curriculum/program and resulting farming operations across the region. I intend to directly and quickly apply the information by conducting meetings and demonstrations for my students and prospective students pertaining to how this technology can improve their operations."

- Central Lakes College

"Northland Community College's Drone TECH Workshop will allow me to provide a motivating curriculum while introducing students to the applications of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM concepts provide motivation and a different perspective when supplied with hands-on activities. I recognize that UAS is a new and emerging field that will need well educated technicians to provide leadership for tomorrow. KIPP North Star Academy has 220 students and about 95% of the population is African American Students. 93 % of students receive free and reduced lunch. This technology will empower students and play a role in bringing students out of poverty."

- KIPP North Star Academy

"One of the challenges that we have in inspiring the students here in Dothan is that we find a lack of motivation to connect aviation. We have tried to incorporate airport visits with STEM workshops and seen a small increase but still a challenge. By attending this workshop, I hope to gain the knowledge that is needed to understand how to use drones and the regulations and operations to be able to use in classroom. I would love to see our school incorporate UAS with the Agriculture department for precision agriculture."

- Dothan Technology Center


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  • North Valley Career and Technology Center
  • Pine to Prairie Cooperative
  • University of North Dakota
  • Saint Cloud State University
  • Bemidji State University
  • Minnesota State University Moorhead
  • University of Minnesota
  • Minnesota State Transportation Center of Excellence
  • AgCentric
  • Central Lakes College
  • Ridgewater College
  • Dakota County Technical College
  • Minneapolis Community and Technical College


  • Northrop Grumman
  • General Atomics
  • Sentera
  • Altavian
  • FLIR
  • Grand Sky
  • Frontier Precision
  • Titan
  • John Deere