Emergency Information & Planning

The Northland Emergency Information & Planning site is intended to assist employees and students in finding information during an emergency.

Bomb Threat

This procedure will be implemented when a crisis demands that all employees, students, and College guests evacuate the building. A reason for such an evacuation would include a bomb threat.

Procedure for receiving a threatening call (bomb threat):

  • 1. Do NOT hang up.
  • 2. Do NOT put the caller on hold.
  • 3. Make an effort to keep conversation going. Ask:
    • Location of bomb?
    • Time to go off?
    • Is it in the open?
    • Kind of bomb?
    • Size of bomb?
    • How did it get into the building?
    • Why was it put there?
    • Name of caller?
  • 4. Listen to:
    • Caller's voice for familiarity or distinctive accents
    • Background sounds
  • 5. Leave the phone off hook.
  • 6. Call law enforcement from another phone away from caller’s hearing range.
  • 7. Notify an administrator/supervisor immediately.
  • 8. The administrator/supervisor may initiate building evacuation procedures.
  • 9. All people are to evacuate using the designated fire drill exits.
  • 10. Employees are to make a visual check of the building during evacuation to look for anything unusual. Notify the appropriate person in charge.
  • 11. Remain with students until notified by the supervisor/fire/police in charge.
  • 12. People are to evacuate the facility and proceed at least 250 feet away from the building until they are informed by administrator/supervisor/public safety official that it is safe to return.
  • 13. If a bomb is found, do not touch it. Immediately notify law enforcement.