Emergency Information & Planning

The Northland Emergency Information & Planning site is intended to assist employees and students in finding information during an emergency.

Emergency Closing/Cancellations Procedures

I. Purpose:

In accordance with MnSCU Policy 4.4, the following procedure is followed when it becomes necessary to close the college campuses or cancel academic or nonacademic activities, or delay the opening of the college due to inclement weather or other emergency conditions. This procedure will also describe working conditions and the compensation status of employees during the time the college is closed.

II. Definitions:

A. Closing the College: This means to close all operations other than those operations deemed essential to the protection of life and property. Closing the college results in the cancellation of classes, student, faculty and staff activities, and meetings. All general offices are closed.

B. Delayed Opening: Delayed opening refers to closing of all operations for a designated period of time other than those operations deemed essential to the protection of life and property.

C. Cancellation of Classes and/or Activities: Cancellation of classes (off-campus or on-campus) means to cancel one, several, or all classes, in the absence of officially closing the entire college campus.

Cancellation of non-academic activities refers to cancellation of an event such as athletic events, theatrical productions, concerts, or workshops.

III. Procedures:

Assessment: If a weather emergency situation develops, college officials will contact local authorities, including the Minnesota State Highway Patrol and other law enforcement offices to assess the severity of the storm. Once the information has been collected, the president or president's designee will make the determination on whether to cancel classes or to close the college.

Cancellation of Classes Due to Weather or Other Emergency: The authority to cancel classes due to weather conditions or other emergencies resides with the college president or the president's designee.

Support Staff: If a staff member chooses to be absent from work, they must take vacation leave or use earned compensatory time when classes are canceled.

Faculty: Faculty members are expected to make appropriate curricular adjustments or duty adjustments, per MSCF contract.

Campus Closing due to Weather or Other Emergency: The authority to close the college campus when a weather or other emergency exists resides with the president or the president=s designee. The closure of state agencies by the Commissioner of the Department of Employee Relations does not apply to MnSCU institutions.

When a college closing is declared, all employees except weather essential employees are excused from work with pay. A college closure applies to all employees, without regard to labor contracts. However, the essential emergency employees who are not excused from work will be paid at their regular rate of pay. A declaration of a college closure will clearly identify the time frame when employees are excused from work. Employees are instructed to listen to radio and television stations when storms or emergency situations might carry over from one day into two or more days.

Weather Essential Employees: The following positions are identified as weather essential employees who will not be excused from work duty during campus closings: Physical Plant Supervisor, General Maintenance Worker, General Repair Worker, Building Utilities Mechanic, Electrician, and Groundskeeper.

Notification of Cancellations or Closings: The president or designee will notify radio and television stations identified in this procedure. The message given to these stations will indicate whether it is a cancellation or closure. Employees then must follow the state policies regarding cancellation or closure.

Whenever possible, decisions to cancel day classes will be made by approximately 6:00 a.m., and decisions to cancel night classes or activities will be made by 3 p.m. In certain emergencies, an effort will be made to announce closures or cancellations prior to the 10 p.m. television newscasts.

The college recognizes the special needs of people with hearing impairments during the notification process of all employees and students due to closing or cancellation. It is the intent of the college to establish an individualized method of notification for each person with a hearing impairment. Each means of communication will be established after conferring with the involved employee and/or student and ascertaining the unique situation and needs. That process will be provided to the employee and/or student and their supervisor in writing.

In the event of campus closure or class cancellation for any emergency situation, the president or designee will notify the MnSCU Public Affairs office.

Local & Regional Radio/TV Stations

The list of local and regional radio and television stations that will be contacted are:

Call Letters Location Station Dial
KTRF Thief River Falls 1230 AM
KKAQ Thief River Falls 1460 AM
KKDQ Thief River Falls 99.3 FM
KKCQ Fosston 1480 AM/ 107.1 FM
KRWB Roseau 1410 AM
KCAJ Roseau 102 FM
KJKJ Grand Forks 107.5 FM
KNOX Grand Forks 1310 AM & 94.7 FM
KROX Crookston 1260 AM
KKWQ Warroad 92.5 FM
KYCK Grand Forks 97.1 FM
KCNN Grand Forks 1590 AM
KQHT Grand Forks 96.1 FM
KKXL Grand Forks 1440 AM
KZLT Grand Forks 104.3 FM
KSRQ Thief River Falls 90.1 FM
KVLY Fargo Channel 11
WDAZ Gr. Fks/Devils Lake Channel 8
KXJB Grand Forks/Fargo Channel 4
Local Cable Thief River Falls Channel 3 & 13

Other Emergency Conditions

Other emergencies covered by this procedure would include such things as: fire, tornado, bomb threats, other serious problems related to mechanical or electrical systems, or any other extremely hazardous situation in or around the campus.