Emergency Information & Planning

The Northland Emergency Information & Planning site is intended to assist employees and students in finding information during an emergency.

Disruptive Behavior

  • 1Notify administrator/supervisor immediately, or call law enforcement, if necessary.
  • 2If possible, ask a colleague to accompany you before approaching a disruptive person.
  • 3Politely greet the disruptive person and identify yourself.
  • 4Ask the disruptive person the purpose of his/her visit.
  • 5If the disruptive person’s purpose is not legitimate, ask him/her to leave. If possible, accompany the individual to an exit.

If the disruptive person refuses to leave:

  • 1Warn the disruptive person of the consequences for staying on the property. Inform him/her that you will call the police.
  • 2Call law enforcement to notify the police.
  • 3Give the police a full description of intruder.
  • 4Walk away from the individual if you think s/he will become violent. Be aware of their actions at this time (where s/he is located in the building, whether s/he is carrying a weapon or package, etc).
  • 5College administrator/supervisor or law enforcement authorities may initiate “lockdown” procedures if necessary.

Hostage Situation

  • 1If a hostage taker is unaware of your presence, do not intervene.
  • 2Call law enforcement immediately. Give dispatcher details of situation and ask for immediate assistance.
  • 3If possible, seal off hostage area/scene. Ask colleagues to assist you.
  • 4Try to pay attention to as many details as possible, and afterwards write and keep detailed notes of event.
  • 5Give control of scene to police and administrator/supervisor.

Robbery (Suspect Demands Property)

  • 1Remain calm. Avoid violence.
  • 2Follow the instruction of the robber.
  • 3Treat the robber as normally as possible and with respect.
  • 4Do not surprise – or attempt to surprise – the robber.
  • 5Inform the robber before you reach for something or move.
  • 6Note the robber’s facial features, height, weight, clothing, weapon, number of accomplices, and car and anything else that may help police to identify him/her.
  • 7Call law enforcement when the robber has left and it is safe to do so. If possible, tell police in which direction the robber traveled after leaving the scene.
  • 8Keep others away from the crime scene.
  • 9Do not touch anything the robber may have touched.
  • 10Document all details and activities.
  • 11Assess counseling needs of any victim(s) or witness(es). Give that information to the administrator/supervisor.

If you suspect someone of bringing a weapon on Campus:

  • 1Call law enforcement immediately and administrator/supervisor, if possible.
  • 2Inform authorities of the name of the suspected person (if known), where the weapon is located, if the suspect has threatened anyone, or any other details that may prevent the suspect from hurting someone or him/herself.

If suspect threatens you with weapon/violence:

1. Remain calm.

2. Follow instructions of the suspect.

3. Treat the suspect as normally as possible and with respect.

4. Do not try to seize the weapon.

5. If possible, call law enforcement or send a runner to seek help.

Suicide attempt:

1. Assess life and safety issues first. Call law enforcement.

2. Calm the suicidal person by listening to him/her without showing judgment or lecturing.

3. Try to isolate the suicidal person from others.

4. Remove possible means of committing suicide, e.g., pills, weapons.

5. Stay with the suicidal person until a counselor/suicide intervention arrives. Do not leave the suicidal person alone.

6. If an emergency requires immediate action to protect the safety of employees, students and guests, the administrator/supervisor may initiate “lockdown” procedures.

Student demonstrations or student disruptions:

  • 1Call the receptionist’s area as soon as possible and describe the situation.
  • 2If possible, employees may assist by directly working with the students to calm them.
  • 3Employees may try to discourage students/groups from leaving the area but should not forcibly detain students.
  • 4Employees should move students away from windows if the disturbance is outside of the building.