Emergency Information & Planning

The Northland Emergency Information & Planning site is intended to assist employees and students in finding information during an emergency.

Hostile Confrontation

These procedures apply to close contact or physical confrontations, including fistfights, knife assaults, and the use of other weapons which require close proximity to result in a significant physical threat.


1. Ensure the safety of all students and employees.

2. Contact the administrator/ supervisor or law enforcement, if necessary.

3. Approach in a calm and controlled manner. If possible, address the combatants by name and use a distraction to defuse the situation.

4. Control the scene and demand that the combatants stop; clear onlookers from the area.

5. Apply basic first aid until law enforcement arrives, if necessary.

6. Escort the combatants to an administrator’s office, keeping them away from each other and other students, if possible.

7. Seal off the area where the assault took place.

8. Notify the administrator/supervisor. The administrator/supervisor will:

  • a. Notify the appropriate authorities.
  • b. Investigate by means such as obtaining statements from the combatants and witnesses.
  • c. Deal with the situation in accordance with the College’s discipline and harassment and violence policies, as appropriate.
  • d. Notify law enforcement, as appropriate, if a weapon was used, the victim has a physical injury causing substantial pain or impairment, or if the assault involved sexual contact.
    • 1. Assess counseling needs of any victim(s) or witnesses(es). Initiate counseling, if necessary.
    • 2. Document all activities.