Emergency Information & Planning

The Northland Emergency Information & Planning site is intended to assist employees and students in finding information during an emergency.

Intruder Threat

  • 1When a threat of harm to individuals, students, or employees is identified, a “lockdown” will be implemented immediately.
  • 2If an employee or student hears gunshots or sees someone with a weapon, do not investigate the situation. Call law enforcement immediately and report the incident. If possible, give a description of the person and his/her location in the building.
  • 3If an armed individual comes into the classroom:
    • a. Notify law enforcement, if possible.
    • b. Do as the gunman demands.
    • c. Do not make any sudden moves that may frighten the intruder.
    • d. Never argue.
    • e. Take your time.
    • f. Keep your class or group as calm as possible.
    • g. Physical force should not be used unless someone’s life is in imminent danger.
    • h. Talk to the gunman.
      • 1. Learn as much as you can about the gunman.
      • 2. Keep the gunman’s attention on you, not on your students/group.
      • 3. If more than one person is involved, concentrate only on one person.
    • i. Be observant.
      • 1. Mentally record a detailed description of the individual/weapon.
      • 2. Identify a distinctive feature and concentrate on that one item.
      • 3. Remember what objects the intruder touches and preserve.
      • 4. Preserve the crime scene and never touch, move, or disturb.
    • j. If the gunman starts shooting:
      • 1. Tell students to get down and lie on the floor.
      • 2. Take cover on the floor and/or behind equipment.
  • 4Emergency phone numbers are posted by each emergency phone at various entrances.