Emergency Information & Planning

The Northland Emergency Information & Planning site is intended to assist employees and students in finding information during an emergency.

Personal Safety

Although the College attempts to maintain a safe environment for employees and students, all persons on campus should take basic precautions for their own safety:

  • 1 Report suspicious persons or occurrences immediately to an administrator/supervisor or law enforcement.
  • 2Familiarize yourself with personnel in the building (at least by sight) so you will be alert to unfamiliar faces and suspicious behavior.
  • 3Early in the morning or late at night, use designated campus parking lots. Stay away from secluded and/or dimly-lit areas. If you know you will be working late, move your car close to the building as soon as the daily congestion of the parking lots thins out.
  • 4When exiting the building after dark, try to use the “buddy system” whenever possible to avoid being a lone target. If you wish, you may contact evening security officers or evening maintenance staff to assist you.
  • 5Lock your car when you park. Don’t leave valuables in your car or keep them out of sight. Always check the back seat before getting into your car to make sure no one is hiding there.
  • 6In the College building, keep money, purses, and other valuables out of sight and locked in desks or file cabinets.
  • 7Keep your office doors closed and locked when you are not there, even when you expect to be gone for only short periods. Take your keys with you.
  • 8Try to avoid being in the building alone at night or on weekends. If you do work then, note who else might be present in the building or let someone else know that you are working, especially when you arrive and leave the building.