Marketing & Communications

The Department of Marketing & Communications provides strategic services in order to advance the College’s branding, recruitment, and retention objectives.

Trademarks and Licensing

Trademarks and Licensing manages the proper use of Northland's (academic and athletic) name, logos and signature marks to protect the integrity of the College’s identity, brand and reputation. Find out usage requirements for our logos and symbols.

Purchasing Products Using Northland Trademarks

Any products bearing Northland (academic or athletic) trademarks, images, indica or other references to Northland or Pioneers must be purchased from a licensed vendor.

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Project Request & Order Forms

Please complete the appropriate form to initiate a work order/project request.

Brand Standards & Guidelines

A visual identity employs the use of logos, typefaces and colors to form a clearly recognizable image for Northland. These elements work in concert to uphold the core values of the college's brand. Brand standards ensure we are visually communicating to our core audiences in a uniform fashion.

Templates & Tools

Get your project up and running with our wide variety of ready-to-use formatted templates to help you effectively put Northland’s visual identity into practice for your communication, event, and presentation needs.


Personal Release

All subjects whose image, video or voice will be used for marketing or promotional purposes — including print communications, video, web or social media — should complete and sign a personal release. Releases are the responsibility of the party creating the image. Releases should be retained for as long as the image is useable. Download Northland’s official personal release form below.

Project Request & Order Forms

Our project request and order forms gather important details about your work order request so that we can determine whether we are able to take on the request as well as deliver a strong product.

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Northland Today

Northland's official news source.

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Northland Stories

The home for storytelling at Northland, a collection of original stories sharing the experiences, accomplishments, and challenges of our inspired learners, innovative teachers, and influential alumni.

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Northland Photos

Marketing & Communications maintains Northland Photos, a database containing thousands of photos from the past several years.

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