Trademarks and Licensing

Trademarks and Licensing manages the proper use of Northland's (academic and athletic) name, logos and signature marks to protect the integrity of the College’s identity, brand and reputation.

Trademarks and Licensing protects the reputation and goodwill of Northland Community and Technical College through the control of the appearance of its name, marks, colors, brands, and all identifiable properties in the marketplace and elsewhere. The process promotes and advances Northland by keeping its name and indicia through the appropriate use of all College trademarks both on and off campus.

Trademarks and Licensing Mission

  • Ensure proper control and use of trademarks associated with Northland (academic and athletic);
  • Establish the process of granting authorization for legitimate internal and third-party use of all Northland trademarks;
  • Protect all Northland trademarks from unauthorized uses;
  • Promote Northland in a consistent and uniform manner to protect Northland's reputation, name and image by permitting only appropriate uses by officially licensed vendors with the assurance that only quality products bear Northland's trademarks, and to protect the consumer from inferior products bearing Northland trademarks.

Trademarks and Licensing is a function of Northland's Department of Marketing Communications and Brand Management.

Legal Use of Northand's Name, Logos & Trademarks

All Northland entities, including departments, programs, administrative areas, athletic teams, and organizations, have a responsibility and obligation in their use of Northland's name, logos, and trademarks including following Minnesota State Board Policy & Procedure 5.22.1 (Part 4, Subpart E. Unauthorized Representations or Trademark Use), Brand Standards Manuals, College Identity Policies & Procedures, and Purchasing Policy and Procedures.

Brand Identity Standards

Northland has introduced a revolutionary visual identity system to enhance and streamline how it presents itself to the world.

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