Trademarks and Licensing

Trademarks and Licensing manages the proper use of Northland's (academic and athletic) name, logos and signature marks to protect the integrity of the College’s identity, brand and reputation.

Purchasing Products Using Northland Trademarks

Any products bearing Northland (academic or athletic) trademarks, images, indica or other references to Northland or Pioneers must be purchased from a licensed vendor. By using any of these logos, designs or marks, you are agreeing to do so in accordance with Northland Policies & Procedures and Minnesota State Board Policy & Procedure 5.22.1 (Part 4, Subpart E. Unauthorized Representations or Trademark Use).


Complete Purchasing Request Form

Before you can order your product, you must first receive approval by completing and submitting a purchasing request form below.

Send the signed purchasing request form to the Marketing Communications department at


Review Brand Standards Guidelines

Before deciding on a design, it’s important to check the brand standard manuals and product design guide on the proper use of the College's logos and trademarks. Carefully review the rules outlined to save time for both you and the vendor during the licensing review and design approval process.

Double-check the unauthorized usage section to ensure your product does not fall into one of the categories listed.


Choose a Licensed Vendor

When you have a design idea for a Northland branded product, visit the approved licensed vendors page for a complete list of up-to-date licensees. Using a Northland-authorized licensed vendor is required when ordering College branded items.


Develop Your Design

Work with the licensed vendor on the design for your order.


Get Design Approval

The licensee submits the artwork proof design to Northland Marketing Communications and Brand Management for final design review and approval. If needed, Northland Marketing Communications and Brand Management communicates to the licensed vendor any changes that need to be made to the design prior to the order being filled.

Brand Identity Standards

Northland has introduced a revolutionary visual identity system to enhance and streamline how it presents itself to the world.

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