Project Request

The project request form gathers important details about your project so that we can determine whether we are able to take on the request as well as deliver a strong product.

Digital Signage Request Form

The Digital Signage request form is available if you would like to post a message on our internal campus digital signage screens. Don’t forget to check best practices (see below) to ensure your audience is getting the most out of your slide!

Lead Time

Usually signage is posted within two to three days of the request. However, please allow as much as ten days for the posting to appear on the monitors, particularly if additional work needs to be performed before your information is displayed.

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Best Practices

  • Less is more! Most viewers will only see your sign for a few seconds, while walking by the screen. Keep it simple and short. Move the details to a website or your posted event page and display a web address on your signage for more information.
  • Signage aimed at encouraging attendance at an event should be posted no later than ten days prior to the event.
  • Do not use trademarked logos or copyright-protected images without permission.

Digital Signage Posting Policy

Custom Design Specifications

  • Custom signage using the Northland name or logo must comply with College Brand Standards.
  • Signage graphics must be submitted in 1920x1020 resolution and include all pertinent information.
  • Art should be submitted in .jpg, .png or .pdf file format.


  • All digital slides are typically played for 12-15 seconds, but are subject to change with the amount of requests received.

Grammar and Style

Campus digital signage displays are highly visible to both the Northland community and visitors to our campuses. In striving to represent our college at its best, we aim to provide correct and timely information through this medium. Submitted art and information should be thoroughly proofread and compliant with College Brand Standards. Signage submitted with obvious or excessive errors will be returned for revisions.


If you have questions about the process or need design services support, please consult with prior to placing your request.

Purchasing Products Using Northland Trademarks

Any products bearing Northland (academic or athletic) trademarks, images, indica or other references to Northland or Pioneers must be purchased from a licensed vendor.

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