Architectural Technology & Design

  • Credits: 65
  • Degree Type: Diploma
  • Location: East Grand Forks

Program Overview

This program is designed for the student who would like to proceed directly to the work place. The curriculum is customized to add more construction-related courses to allow the student to be a more well rounded employee. The first year of the Architectural Technology and Design program involves the study of residential construction practices and computer aided drawing (CAD), using AutoCAD software and an introduction to building information modeling (BIM) and Revit, a 3D computer modeling program. Projects are drawn using both the drawing board and the computer. The second year is concerned primarily with commercial and industrial construction practices.

Along with the advanced technology, students are also offered classes for a broader base of skills. These include model construction, the creation of scaled architectural presentation models, and Presentation class, where students create architectural presentation drawings using 3D software.

Employment Information

Graduates of the diploma program receive skills that enable them to work with architects, engineers, design firms, contractors, lumber yards, building suppliers, government agencies, and many other related areas.

Career Outlook

Learn what occupations may be of interest to someone who has completed this program. Find information about wages and employement outlook.

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Program Course Listings

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Required Courses

Course # Course Name Credit(s)
ARCH 1105 Building Technology I 4
ARCH 1111 Architectural Tech I 3
ARCH 1112 Architectural Tech II 4
ARCH 1121 CAD I 5
ARCH 1123 CAD II 5
ARCH 1125 Design Limitations 3
ARCH 1128 Environmental Design 3
ARCH 1131 Model Construction 2
ARCH 1201 Estimating Tech I 2
ARCH 2211 Architectural Tech III 3
ARCH 2212 Architectural Tech IV 4
ARCH 2213 Building Technology II 4
ARCH 2215 Building Systems 3
ARCH 2220 CAD 3D 4
ARCH 2223 CAD 3D Advanced 4
ARCH 2224 Content & Project Mgmt 3
ARCH 2226 Presentation 4
ARCH 2241 Architectural Design 4
ARCH 2295 Portfolio 1

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