Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning/Construction Plumbing

  • Credits: 70
  • Degree Type: A.A.S.
  • Location: East Grand Forks

Program Overview

The program prepares students to begin a career in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Plumbing. Coursework provides a technical understanding of HVAC and Plumbing technology, and prepares students with the practical skills to install, maintain, and troubleshoot such systems. The program prepares students in blueprint reading and sketching; design, fabrication, and installation of forced air and hot water heating and ventilation systems; installation of a wide range of oil and gas boilers and forced-air furnaces; installation of water systems, piping procedures, plumbing and piping systems in residential and commercial settings. Successful graduates are eligible for employment in a variety of businesses found in rural and metropolitan areas. Successful graduates are further eligible for employment at an advanced plumbing apprenticeship level.

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Employment Information

Graduates of this program will find employment with heating and cooling service companies, local plumbing and heating shops, heating contractors, wholesale supply companies, and manufacturing firms.

Very fast growth in employment is projected in Minnesota over the next few years. Nationwide, above average growth is expected. A growing concern for energy conservation should also spur the installation of new energy-saving systems in homes and buildings. As the population and economy grow, so does the demand for new residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing and climate-control systems. This emphasis on better energy management leading to the replacement of older systems and the installation of newer systems will account for a large part of the increase demand for these technicians.

The HVAC and plumbing trades offer challenging and interesting work for those with the desire to work as designers, installers, and troubleshooters. There is also opportunity to advance and operate your own business.

Career Outlook

Learn what occupations may be of interest to someone who has completed this program. Find information about wages and employement outlook.

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Program Course Listings

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Required Courses

Course # Course Name Credit(s)
BLDG 1102 Construction Safety 1
BLDG 1106 Grades/Cap/Elec Calc 3
BLDG 1114 Blueprint Reading I 2
HEAT 1101 HVAC Circuit Theory 4
HEAT 1102 Sheet Metal Design 3
HEAT 1104 Control Electricity 2
HEAT 1110 Refrig A/C & Htg Prin 3
HEAT 1128 Heat Sys Design & Install 3
HEAT 2202 Air Handling 2
HEAT 2206 Heating Sys Maintenance 2
HEAT 2210 Com Air Conditioning 2
HEAT 2214 Hydronic Heating Sys 4
HEAT 2220 HVAC Troubleshooting 3
PLBG 1104 Bldg Sewers/Drainage Sys 3
PLBG 1108 Plumbing/Piping Drawings 2
PLBG 1110 Copper Pipe Procedures 2
PLBG 1112 Plastic Pipe Procedures 2
PLBG 1114 Steel Pipe Procedures 3
PLBG 1116 Plumbing Theory/Sys 3
PLBG 1118 State Plbg Code Interpret 1
PLBG 1120 Residential Plbg Install 3
PLBG 1122 Plbg Repair/Service Work 2
SSCI 1101 Human Relations 3
  MN Transfer Curriculum Electives 12

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