• Credits: 16
  • Degree Type: Certificate
  • Location: East Grand Forks

Program Overview

The Mechanical Certificate prepares students for technical jobs in the manufacturing industry. Today's manufacturing companies look to automated equipment to increase quality and productivity. This certificate provides an overview of the mechanical systems used in the manufacturing industry. Mechanical power transmission, machining basics, metal fabrication, hydraulics, and pneumatic systems will be introduced. The Mechanical Certificate is designed to assist local manufacturing companies with their training needs as well as any students interested in acquiring mechanical skills. Courses in this program emphasize hands-on training on industrial automated equipment.

Courses with a MECH prefix in the Automation Certificate offer scheduling flexibility where students work at their own pace; allowing motivated individuals or those with prior knowledge to complete courses in a shorter time. MECH courses meet within an open or flex lab setting. Students working on an Automation Certificate are responsible for managing their own learning.

The Mechatronics Flex Labs have extended hours for students to practice and develop hands-on skills. Faculty in the Mechatronics Program are available during Flex Lab times to assist learners with questions, supervise hands-on labs, and to administer skills assessments.

Students receive credit for a course by demonstrated mastery of learner outcomes in a final skills assessment. Student who have not met assessment criteria are given feedback and continue to practice skills. Students can re-take the final skills assessment up to three times.

Employment Information

Program Course Listings

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Required Courses

Course # Course Name Credit(s)
MECH 1500 Measurement Tools 0.25
MECH 1501 Mechanical Sketching 0.5
MECH 1502 Power Transmission 0.5
MECH 1503 Metal Lathe Intro 1
MECH 1504 Verticle Mill Intro 1
MECH 1505 Surface Grinder Intro 0.25
MECH 1506 Woodworking Safety 0.5
MECH 1507 Basic Sheet Metal 0.25
MECH 1508 GMAW Welding Intro 0.25
MECH 1509 Rigging 0.5
MECH 1510 Mechanical Fasteners 0.5
MECH 1511 Shafts Keys Couplers 0.5
MECH 1512 Bearing Maintenance 0.5
MECH 1513 Rotating Seal Maint 0.25
MECH 1514 V-Belts & Sheaves 0.5
MECH 1515 Chain & Sprockets 0.5
MECH 1516 Gear Systems 0.5
MECH 1517 Gear Boxes 0.5
MECH 1518 Linear Motion Hardware 0.75
MECH 1520 Conveyor Maintenance 0.5
MECH 1521 Hydraulic Basics 0.5
MECH 1522 Pneumatic Basics 0.5
MECH 1523 Hydraulic Components 1
MECH 1524 Pneumatic Components 1
MECH 1525 Pneumatic Maintenance 0.5
MECH 1526 Hydraulic Maintenance 0.5
MECH 1527 Troubleshoot Hydraulic 1
MECH 1528 Troubleshoot Pneumatic 1

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