• Credits: 16.5
  • Degree Type: Certificate
  • Location: East Grand Forks

Program Overview

The Automation Certificate prepares students for technical jobs in the manufacturing industry. Today’s manufacturing companies look to automated equipment to increase quality and productivity. This certificate focuses on electronics, motor controls, programmable logic controllers, sensors, and robotics. The Automation Certificate is designed to assist local manufacturing companies with their automation training needs as well as any students interested in industrial automation. Courses in this program emphasize hands-on training on industrial automated equipment.

Courses with a “MECH” prefix in the Automation Certificate offer scheduling flexibility where students work at their own pace; allowing motivated individuals or those with prior knowledge to complete courses in a shorter time. MECH courses meet within an open or flex lab setting. Students working on an Automation Certificate are responsible for managing their own learning.

The Mechatronics Flex Labs have extended hours for students to practice and develop hands-on skills. Faculty in the Mechatronics Program are available during Flex Lab times to assist learners with questions, supervise hands-on labs, and to administer skills assessments.

Students receive credit for a course by demonstrated mastery of learner outcomes in a final skills assessment. Student who have not met assessment criteria are given feedback and continue to practice skills. Students can re-take the final skills assessment up to three times.

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Required Courses

Course # Course Name Credit(s)
MECH 1001 Ohms Law 0.25
MECH 1002 Multimeter Use 0.5
MECH 1003 Electrical Schematics 0.5
MECH 1004 Electrical Connections 0.25
MECH 1005 Circuit Protection 0.25
MECH 1006 Voltage Sources 0.25
MECH 1007 Series/Parallel Circ 1
MECH 1008 Transformers 0.5
MECH 1009 Motor Replacement 1
MECH 1010 Motor Starters 1
MECH 1011 Motor Drives 1
MECH 1012 PLC Hardware 1
MECH 1013 PLC Programming 1.5
MECH 1014 PLC Analog Inputs 0.5
MECH 1015 PLC Stepper Motors 0.5
MECH 1016 PLC Networking 0.5
MECH 1017 Robot Safety 0.25
MECH 1018 Robot Manual Operation 0.25
MECH 1019 Robot Frames 0.25
MECH 1020 Robot Motion Programs 0.25
MECH 1021 Robot Inputs/Outputs 0.25
MECH 1022 Robot Programming Ops 0.25
MECH 1023 Robot Mastering 0.25
MECH 1024 Robot Offset Programs 0.25
MECH 1025 Sensor Units of Meas 0.25
MECH 1026 Sensor Transduction 0.25
MECH 1027 Temperature Sensors 0.75
MECH 1028 Proximity Sensors 1
MECH 1029 Distance Sensors 0.75
MECH 1030 Pressure Sensors 0.5
MECH 1031 Load Cells 0.5

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