• Credits: 60
  • Degree Type: A.A.S.
  • Campus: East Grand Forks

Program Overview

Graduates of the Paramedic Associate in Applied Science degree program will be qualified and skilled professionals in the field of Emergency Medical Services as Paramedics. The Paramedic is a person who works in the exciting, expanding field of Emergency Medical Services (EMS). This degree incorporates theoretical knowledge with extensive hands on, clinical application and experience. The specialization and advanced education and training in the care and transport of the critically ill and injured can mean the difference between life and death. Paramedic A.A.S. degree graduates typically have more employment opportunities as well as enhanced potential for upward progression in the career of pre-hospital care.

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Career Outlook

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Program Course Listings

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Required Courses

Course # Course Name Credit(s)
EMTB 1101 Emergency Medical Tech 6
EMTP 1130 BLS Ambulance Clinical 1
EMTP 1200 Intro to EMS 1
EMTP 1205 EMS Trauma Care 1
EMTP 1210 EMS Pharmacology 1
EMTP 1215 EMS Med Emergencies 3
EMTP 1220 EMS Cardiac Care 1
EMTP 1225 EMS Special Populations 1
EMTP 1230 EMS HazMat 1
EMTP 1235 Paramedic Skills 2
EMTP 1240 Paramedic Assessment 1 2
EMTP 1300 Paramedic Clinical 5
EMTP 1305 Paramedic Field Exp 3
EMTP 1400 Paramedic Assessment 2 3
EMTP 1410 Paramedic Capstone 6
HLTH 2208 Pathophysiology 3
SSCI 1101 Human Relations 3
BIOL 2260 Anatomy & Phys I 4
BIOL 2262 Anatomy & Phys II 4
ENGL 1111 Composition I 3
MATH 1110 College Algebra 3

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